Ryan Gosling Dazzles Hollywood As Eva Mendes Stays Home With Baby Daughter Esmeralda?

Ryan Gosling has been dazzling Hollywood more and more new movies ever since Eva Mendes gave birth to his baby daughter Esmeralda. But it looks like the actress Eva Mendes is choosing more to stay home as he stars in movies.His most recent project is “La La Land,” starring Emma Stone and possibly John Legend.

Now that their baby daughter Esmeralda is getting older, Eva Mendes probably doesn’t want Ryan Gosling to miss another moment of their baby growing up. Not only is Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone starring together in “La La Land”, but they also will be singing.

Recently, Ryan Gosling has not been seen with Eva Mendes and his baby daughter Esmeralda, hinting that he needs a little break from his movies and family!

‘The Notebook’ actor was caught taking a break with his friends during his break from ‘The Big Short’. Looks like ‘Hitch’ actress and their baby daughter Esmeralda stayed at home! According to Daily Mail, “Ryan Gosling was seen taking some well-earned R&R as he enjoyed a boys day out on Tuesday. The 34-year-old actor looked to be having a good time as he larked around with a male friend following a relaxed lunch-date in sunny Los Feliz, California.

“Leaving girlfriend Eva Mendes and his daughter Esmeralda at home, the chiseled star kept his style dressed-down in keeping with the day’s chilled mood.” Ryan Gosling must be pretty content about the way his movie career is going after Eva Mendes had his first baby girl. But she must not be happy about the way he seems to spend a little bit too much time working on his career.

‘The Notebook’ actor has been schmoozing in the industry without ‘Hitch’ actress or his daughter Esmeralda by his side.

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