Eva Mendes: “I’ve ditched heels!”

Actress Eva Mendes finds herself barefoot more often now she’s a mother.
The Hollywood star and her partner Ryan Gosling welcomed daughter Esmeralda in September last year (14). Even though she looks as gorgeous as ever, the 41-year-old’s style has become a lot more relaxed.

“I’m not wearing as many heels as I used to. I’m barefoot a lot more. Obviously not at the supermarket [laughs], I’m talking about just being at home,” she told America’s InStyle magazine.

“I used to always have like a nice little wedge or something or some kind of heel on at home. I’m realising that I’m barefoot because I can run after her [daughter Esmeralda] much faster that way. It just all comes down to how fast I can get to her or how quick, cause she’s pretty quick. She’s fast. So yes, I guess I would say just less heels, which is kind of sad.”

It’s not just her fashion sense that’s had to take a step back. The brunette has also decided to calm her beauty routine down a bit, making more time for her family.

“It’s just gotten a lot faster now. Like, maybe I’ll skip the toner now. You know what I mean? Dear toner, I don’t have time for you anymore! So I just go straight to moisturiser and if I’m being really honest I’ll probably skip the cleanser as well. You just go down to the basics, you’re like, ‘OK, this is what I need,'” she admitted.

“Moisturiser [is my staple]. You do find yourself drinking your coffee in the shower. That’s when I think I knew I was a mom. For sure. It’s actually kind of nice once you get into it. It started out as a necessity but now it’s kind of nice. Coffee in the shower is a great way to start the day.”

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