Ryan Gosling Surprises Baby Mama Eva Mendes With Engagement Ring On New Years Eve 2015?

Ryan Gosling may be gearing up for a surprise proposal this New Years Eve 2015. Seeing how his baby mama Eva Mendes has been asking for an engagement ring all through 2015, it may be time that Ryan Gosling whips out the big rock to show just how much he loves her.

The rumor has been that Eva Mendes is demanding for an engagement ring from Ryan Gosling before the year is up. According to OK! Magazine, “If there isn’t an engagement ring for Eva Mendes under the Christmas tree this year, then Ryan Gosling is spending the holiday alone! The actress has given her baby daddy until Christmas to propose because she’s waited long enough to have a ring on her finger!”

The insider, according to the magazine, said, “It’s getting ridiculous and she’s told him she’s not sure about their future together if he hasn’t got a ring on her finger over Christmas.” The fans are wondering if this New Years Eve is the time for their engagement.

Ryan isn’t the kind of guy to gossip about his relationships, but he did shock the public by stating that Eva Mendes is indeed his soulmate. Maybe “The Big Short” actor and actress did get engaged!

According to People, “Ryan Gosling is absolutely enamored with his little family. In a recent interview with Hello! magazine, the 35-year-old actor gushed about his girlfriend Eva Mendes. “I know that I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with,” Gosling said of Mendes, 41. Gosling also noted the one quality he’s looking for in a woman: “That she’s Eva Mendes. There’s nothing else I’m looking for.”

What a sweet thing for a new baby daddy to say! Do you think Ryan Gosling will whip out an engagement ring this New Years Eve?

Source: KoreaPortal

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